– revolutionising subsea work on wells

A truly revolutionizing technology with many benefits

Universal and battery-powered

The universal and fully battery-powered and umbilical-less system  is a result of Optime’s design philosophy of simplicity and modularity.

Safer, faster, and more cost-effective

The technology is truly revolutionizing the industry, and allows operators to solve operations simpler, faster, safer, and leave a substantially smaller CO2-footprint in the end.

Compatible with all types of XTs

The technology is compatible with all types of XTs, interfacing electric and hydraulic points through vendor-specific connectors.

Wireless / wired communication

A wireless telemetry system allows an interface with the rig/vessel positioning system. In addition, wired communication is also available in multiple protocols for ROV interfacing.

Easier to transport

eSCILS weighs only 10 tonnes and has a footprint of 5,2 m2, which gives the system a big advantage compared to conventional systems. eSCILS can easily be transported  by any ship, and it needs minimal space on the rig.

Approximate savings 

Reduced weight

10 tonnes compared to 50 tonnes

Rig footprint

5,2 m2 compared to 70 m2

Reduced rig time and improved safety

eSCILS is fully battery-powered, no Topside Control System or additional rig equipment is needed. This can save up to 50% on rig time compared to traditional systems, and improve safety for the operators.

Reduction on rig time

10 hours compared to 20 hours

Substantial cost reductions

eSCILS has a proven track record from successful operations running various vendors’ systems, with estimated savings of up to 66%.

Cost reductions

Approximate cost reductions compared to traditional systems 

Reduced CO2-footprint

Using eSCILS in operations instead of traditional systems contributes to a CO2-footprint reduction of more than 50%.


Estimated 1,3 MT compared 2,7 MT CO2-emission

A successful collaboration with AkerBP

AkerBP was also the first operator to utilize the subsea control system. Want to know more about the successful collaboration between Optime Subsea and AkerBP?