Students from Notodden high school on professional praxis at Optime Subsea

We recently had a visit by seven interested students from Notodden high school, who wanted to know more about the engineering profession.

The seven students have had professional practice at Optime Subsea for two days, to meet our employees and learn more about their work. We met up with Katinka and Marcus, two of the students who applied to come to us, in the office of engineer Robert Sandven. Katinka and Marcus had already learned that a big part of an engineer’s job is to solve problems, and that working together to solve them is often the best solution.

Katinka Pedersen og Marcus Olai Hestad together with Robert Sandven – solving problems.

Bård Browning Johansen shows Jon Richard Simones his virtual showroom. 

All the students also visited 3D-developer Bård Browning Johansen, to be amazed by his virtual world. In Bård’s virtual showroom almost anything is possible. He makes realistic 3D-models and animations of our products and systems, which is a big help when we are trying to explain what our systems do to students and others.

After two days with a hectic schedule, the students were full of new impressions, and they hopefully learned a lot about what engineers do.


We hope that we have inspired every one of these students to choose the
engineering profession, and that we will see them again in the future. 3D