Growth in Optime

We expect tremendous growth in Optime next year, and are currently looking for several new employees to support our competent team. Today we apply for 12 different positions in all our departments.

Optime Subsea AS is a global industry expert on subsea services, subsea well access and subsea control systems. We maintain a vertically integrated portfolio with expertise offering subsea services offshore, subsea development, design, engineering and analysis as well as subsea products / systems and modular hyperbaric testing vessels.

We Simplify Subsea

Our mission is to simplify subsea by developing products that enables the industry to reduce operational time, cost and CO2 footprint. As our company is expanding both in Norway and internationally, we are searching for more people to join our team.

Expanding our Business in the Gulf of Mexico

We are now expanding our business in the Gulf of Mexico and will establish a local service base in the U.S. We are searching for a General Manager to establish and develop our company in the U.S.

We need to strengthen our finance department and are looking for a Group Accountant to provide, accurate, timely and relevant reporting to ensure management achieve strategic business goals.

Optimes Groundbreaking Technologies

With the launch of Optimes groundbreaking technologies such as SCILS and ROCS, our Aftermarket department is experiencing a rapidly increasing activity level. In order to support this increasing activity, we are now in search of a Support Manager to manage our Engineering Support team. The Support Manager you will lead a team of skilled engineers dedicated to support a wide range of engineering activities, spanning from technical support to planning- and execution of offshore campaigns.

To strengthen our project team, we need a dedicated Project Manager, an experienced purchaser and a skilled Document Controller. Working as a Project Manager in Optime means responsibility for the planning and successful delivery of projects to our international customers.

Disruptive Technology

As Optime’s main business is to invent new, disruptive technology, we need several types of skilled Engineers. Aftermarket are searching for a Support Manager for their offshore team, We need Project Engineer hydraulic and an Analyst Engineer/Specialist to support our Technology department.

Sales and Business Development need a Technical Sales Engineer to further strengthen our global team. The applicant must have a strong technical understanding of Optime’s main products. This role will act as the sales team’s technical support and will represent the technical aspects of the product development, advising customers on how best to use the products provided. The position will also support the company’s business development strategy.

Quality is Essential

Quality is essential for the business, and we need a Quality Engineer to perform reviews, inspections, call for stop-actions, investigate deviations and initiate and close recertification work on Optime Subsea and sub supplier products. We are also looking for a Quality Controller (QC) to perform quality checks on manufactured products.

To support our Warehouse-team we need a dedicated Warehouse worker to take care of the company’s flow of goods, from goods receipt and receipt control to managing the inventory movement according to current processes and routines.

Application Deadline: January 15th, 2022

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