Optime Hyperbaric Chambers for NUI

NUI, the Bergen-based Norwegian independent hyperbaric research and test facility, has agreed to purchase two very large hyperbaric pressure chamber systems, with a working pressure of 700 bar and 1 000 bar from Optime Subsea.

The hyperbaric chambers delivered by Optime Subsea comes with an inner diameter of 1 100mm (43in), a height of 3 500mm (138in) and rated to a pressure of 1000 bar. The second hyperbaric chamber is delivered with an inner diameter of 1 800mm (71in), at the same height of 3 500mm (138in) and a pressure rating of 700 bar.

Both systems will be delivered with Optime’s advanced control system, enabling NUI’s customers the ability to test, monitor and document numerous different environments and scenarios.

We are very pleased to be able to work with Optime. They have illustrated throughout this process and with its previous deliveries, that their capabilities and systems are of remarkable high quality. Once operational in Q2 2020, these systems will also provide NUI with a unique capability of supporting the European market of testing larger components and systems, for the underwater offshore industry. We decided to procure these high pressure and large size hyperbaric chambers in order to be in the forefront of the technology demanded by our customers. Being an independent provider, we are supporting the most advanced technology developments available, and we see the industry’s focus on exploring technology offshore growing exponentially, whether it is for oil and gas, renewables or other oceanographic research purposes,” says NUI’s CEO Rolf Røssland.

This is just another significant confirmation that we are able to support our customers in meeting their needs, whether it is subsea or other offshore applications. We are looking forward to continue the relationship with NUI and staying true to our business model, we have already started discussions about more long term support beyond these deliveries,” adds Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO Optime Subsea.