The design and qualification of ABB, Equinor, Chevron and Total’s subsea control module is complete

Optime Subsea finalizes the design and qualification of the innovative and modular subsea control module as part of ABB’s Joint Industry Program with Equinor, Chevron and Total. Now ABB have completed the 3 000 hour shallow water test successfully.

Any industry change needs a disruptive mindset, technology and culture, someone like … Optime☺️. However, without a champion, someone willing to stick the neck out and actually work with the disruptors, the road is uphill for anyone, large or small.

At Optime we have succeeded trying both and can praise ourselves for the innovation and cost savings brought to the subsea oil and gas industry. But we have to admit there is a world of difference when you have a customer, or phrased in a another word, a partner, who takes that leap of faith. We have proved it several times already, we work with any customer, operators or service providers, delivering lower overall cost, improved technology and in full transparency serve the customer! We are going to be THE PREFERRED independent controls and intervention provider.

Last summer was one of those times, ABB and its JIP partners Equinor, Chevron and Total awarded Optime the contract to qualify a universal control module for their $100M subsea power distribution system; design and qualify the module to requirements within the next 12 months. Of course we succeeded, but through a prosperous partnership with customers and suppliers. ABB have now completed its 3 000hrs shallow water test and we are all ready to take part in another subsea energy transition, one that will significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

“This is a significant collaborative achievement between all the partners of the JIP and everyone in Optime. Now we are looking forward to producing multiple of these control modules to further improve the subsea oil and gas industry” says Trond Løkka, CBDO of Optime Subsea.